Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning Services CHARS

CHARS provides a complete service returning you time and saving you money. We provide all of our own tools, equipment, and supplies.

One of our biggest clients is Defence Housing Australia. This means Chars cleans to the highest industry standard with full quality control including regular audits.

We use environmentally sound products that clean away dirt and grime. We apply our green products with high-tech microfiber cloths, efficiently drawing away unwanted surface residue and moisture. We guarantee to use fresh clothes for each client, and procedures that ensure NO cross-contamination between the bathroom and kitchen. We dust with pure wool dusters, protecting the most fragile of ornaments, and vacuum with power cleaners, reducing allergy-causing particles to a minimum. And our microfiber flat mops remove the most stubborn of floor marks, whilst getting into the tightest of corners.

Although we always adjust our service to satisfy your individual cleaning needs, experience has taught us, that the quickest and most economical path to a spotless home is, to begin with, a spring clean. Once your home has been thoroughly cleaned, we suggest at least a fortnightly regular.

Contact Hailey, our Customer Services Manager, now for a free quote and demonstration of our quality assurance software.

Domestic Houses Cleaned to Military Standard!