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Whether in a residential or commercial setting, Cleaning is a necessary task that cannot be avoided or postponed for an extended period of time. At the moment, cleaning services have become a big industry and are taking responsibility for making places cleaner than ever.

Chars Cleaning service is a professional cleaning company that offers all types of commercial cleaning services along with domestic cleaning. We are a top choice for cleaning services in Canberra because we meet every client's requirements. If you would like to have a more secure cleaning service, we suggest you opt for a cleaning contract  in Canberra. If you are searching for cleaning services that make genuine cleaning contract in Canberra, look no further than us. If you would like to know what is included in contract cleaning, keep scrolling down.

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What services Offer ?

Chars cleaning service has had notable years of experience in the cleaning industry and its world-class standards have made it one of the most successful cleaning services in Canberra. The following are the services that we are exceptional at. 

    • Commercial cleaning: We offer cleaning services under commercial cleaning to all types of commercial buildings and businesses, such as offices, bars, small shops, factories, and restaurants.
    • End of lease cleaning: we offer the highest quality end-of-lease cleaning services before the next tenant moves in. This helps tenants obtain a bond amount at the end of the leasing period. End of lease cleaning is responsible for making a home fresh, neat, and tidy, just like a new one.
    • Medical cleaning services: We offer medical cleaning services in order to promote a healthy environment within the hospital facilities, just like medications promote health within the body.
  • Office cleaning services: We provide office cleaning services that  make your office space more visually appealing.
  • Domestic cleaning services: The domestic cleaning services that we offer give your home a new life.

The advantages

The advantages of hiring cleaning professionals that offer cleaning contract in Canberra

There are several benefits of hiring professional cleaning services that have cleaning contract in Canberra. Here we are compiling the most important benefits one should know.

  • Save time and money: People in Canberra don't want to sign cleaning contracts because they think they are too expensive. However, this is only a myth. In fact, contract cleaning service providers are the ones that save money and time compared to individual inexperienced cleaners. They will purchase cleaning supplies wholesale in order to minimise the cost, resulting in saving your money.
  • Enhance workforce productivity: Tidy offices or shop premises promote a healthy and positive environment that ultimately results in effective staff productivity.It is a known fact that an untidy office or other workspace environment will serve as a distraction and have a negative impact on productivity. So, opt for a cleaning contract in Canberra and see growth in your productivity.
  • Promote healthy atmosphere: One of the obvious advantages of using a cleaning contract in Canberra is improved levels of safety and health in the workspace. Professional cleaners combat germs and eliminate the further spread of allergens and pollutants that cause disease among the staff. This makes your business or commercial building the most hygienic one.
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The position is not the only contributor to real estate appreciation – cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness. The price of cheap body corporate cleaning is too high. Don’t let untidy and dirty public spaces drag the value of your property down.

Chars is an owner-operated cleaning service, delivering quality cleaning and complete after-sales service at competitive prices. We understand the importance of providing premium body corporate cleaning, maximising the value of your property. We understand the importance of cleaning common areas to enhance the pleasure of all apartment occupants. And we understand the Executive Committee and the Property Managers do not want to waste their time chasing up unsatisfactory delivery of essential services. That’s why we have a dedicated Customer Services Manager who works with you to build cleaning procedures that reflect your needs, ensures our cleaners are fully trained in these procedures, conducts regular audits to ensure your standards are met and prepares written reports.

In addition to numerous body corporate cleans, Chars provides cleaning services to professional offices, multi-story complexes, medical clinics, community support centres, churches, and Defence Housing properties.

Contact Hailey, our Customer Services Manager, for a free quote and demonstration of our quality assurance software.

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Chars provide a complete service returning you time and saving you money. We provide all of our tools, equipment and supplies.

One of our biggest clients is Defence Housing Australia. This means Chars cleans to the highest industry standard with full quality control, including regular audits.

We use environmentally sound products that clean away dirt and grime. We apply our green products with high-tech microfibre cloths, efficiently drawing away unwanted surface residue and moisture. We guarantee to use fresh Clothes for each client and procedures that ensure NO cross-contamination between the bathroom and kitchen. We dust with pure wool dusters, protecting the most fragile ornaments, and vacuum with power cleaners, reducing allergy-causing particles to a minimum. And our microfibre flat mops remove the most stubborn floor marks while getting into the tightest corners.

Although we constantly adjust our service to satisfy your individual cleaning needs, experience has taught us that the quickest and most economical path to a spotless home is, to begin with, a spring clean. Once your home has been thoroughly cleaned, we suggest at least a fortnightly regular.

Why Choose Us

In order to be chosen by you, we must be special compared to others. The following are a few important features that make us the top choice for cleaning services in Canberra.

  • Experience and expertise: All of our employees have extensive experience providing cleaning services on their own, so their combined experience is an asset in providing you with an exceptional cleaning service.
  • Cleaning equipment: We come with our own cleaning equipment that is specially designed for cleaning. We use our own cleaning solutions that turn your property completely new while also being environmentally friendly. 
  • We have a great reputation: We have been in the cleaning industry for several years and will be responsible for offering professional cleaning in Canberra in years to come. No other competitors are close to the goodwill and reputation that we have built over the years.
  • Affordable price: We offer the most affordable cleaning contract in Canberra by not compromising on the quality of the service. We are the most cost-effective cleaning service in Canberra.

Canberra is a big city, so you may have numerous choices when it comes to choosing a cleaning service. Finding a cleaning service near your home is no longer a big task, but choosing the right one is

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