Chars Commercial Cleaning Since 2010

Chars Commercial Cleaning was Established in 2010 to meet the demand for high-quality cleaning services in Canberra. Chars Commercial Cleaning has grown from nothing to a leader in the boutique commercial cleaning industry due to our attentive procedures, regular audits and delivery by motivated and responsible cleaning employees. Chars pride itself on contributing to the ACT economy by employing local Canberra cleaners and purchasing all our cleaning products through local suppliers. Sonam works closely with Barsha, our Customer Services Manager, and Ganesh, our Cleaning Supervisor, to ensure our client’s needs are met.

Chars understand the importance of cleaning your properties to the best industry standards. Expressly, we understand that frequent recalls due to poor quality cleaning are unacceptable. We understand that recalls incur considerable ‘off-balance sheet’ expenses by wasting human resources that could be more productively deployed.

We have over 25 commercial clients, including Defence Housing Australia, which have the highest standards in the industry. We also clean many professional rooms, including private law practices, architect’s offices, medical clinics, health centres, body corporations, churches, community support centres, DHA residences, and domestic houses.

Our cleaners are trained in Work Health, Safety & Environmental standards, and Quality Assurance procedures. Using a bespoke software package, our Customer Services Manager conducts regular audits to ensure quality control and compliance with Work Health, Safety & Environment standards and any additional client standards.

As business people, we recognise that delivering the service your client wants is essential. We understand that clients have different requirements, from premium to budget services. Chars deliver cleaning services across this full range, adjusting our prices accordingly.