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Office Cleaning Services

Are you looking for Office cleaning in Canberra? You are at the right place with us!

Chars Commercial Cleaning company saves costs, increases productivity, and improves its market image. 

Profitable commercial enterprises require an impeccable brand image. Chars will enhance your brand by providing a clean environment at a competitive price, save you money by reducing wasted time fixing quality issues, and improve the productivity of your staff by setting a positive-mood-environment.

Chars is an owner-operated cleaning service, delivering quality cleaning, and full after-sales service. Chars are distinguished from other boutique cleaning services – we have a Dedicated Customer Services Manager. Your needs are customised into a unique cleaning procedure, our cleaners are trained in these procedures, quality is assured by regular audits, and written reports track your cleaning history. Our Customer Service Manager ensures your feedback reaches both the owner and our cleaners.

Chars provide cleaning services to offices, multi-story complexes, medical clinics, body corporations, community support centers, churches, and Defence Housing properties.

Contact Hailey, our Customer Services Manager, now for a free quote and demonstration of our quality assurance software.

Office Cleaning Services

As part of our first-class cleaning services, we can provide your employees in Greater Canberra and Queanbeyan with a clean, healthy, and productive work environment.

If you are looking for the best office cleaning services in Canberra, you are at the right place with CHARS.

Whether you require a one-off cleaning service or a regular cleaning contract in Canberra and Queanbeyan, no job is too big or too small for Chars Commercial Cleaning Services. We are the solution for all your cleaning needs and pride ourselves on providing a top-quality range of affordable cleaning services.

From keeping your office clean all year round to making your rental properties and construction sites perfectly pristine, Chars Cleaning Services guarantees to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to arrange an on-site cleaning assessment and a free, no-obligation quote. 

Clean and tidy premises say a lot about your business and we are very mindful of this. We don’t just see ourselves as cleaners, but more of an extension of your business that is helping to communicate a positive message to anyone who comes in contact with your company. 

CHARS cleaning services is one of the best-known office cleaning and commercial cleaning service provider in Canberra. We specialize in regular and ongoing office cleaning services and commercial cleaning services including office, body corporate, schools, resorts, medical centers, gyms, pubs, and clubs. We at CHARS also excel in routine maintenance of hard floor surfaces, carpet, windows, and pressure cleaning requirements. Go to our services to find out more about this.

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Office Cleaning

Are you googling for office cleaners in Canberra? Look no further than CHARS commercial cleaning services. 

CHARS Cleaning Services can provide you with a customised cleaning plan to fit any contract requirement of your choice. Our reputation goes beyond Canberra to all of Australia. Being one of the most trusted cleaning companies in Canberra, CHARS Cleaning provides its commercial clients with various commercial cleaning services which include: Regular after hours cleaning staff, specialised day cleaning requirements, and for some commercial cleaning sites that require proper supervision, we are able to make available dedicated on-site supervision as well as management personnel. Chars Commercial Cleaning company is also able to provide a complete supply of consumable and washroom services.

Apart from the low cleaning cost fees, our unique commercial cleaning services approach is next to none in all of Australia as we put our customer’s minds at rest, with the assurance that their assets are in safe hands.

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CHARS Commercail Cleaning Services Company is an ISO Certified Cleaning Company. This Commitment to quality makes us the smart choice for organisations to receive a certain level o quality; that is, they are reliable, safe, consistent, meet customers' expectations, continuously improve and comply with the law.