Dedicated Customer Services Manager

Are you sick of below-standard cleaning? Are you sick of cleaners continually failing to complete the scope for what you’re paying? Are you sick of wasting your time and energy fixing cleaning problems that negatively affect the productivity of your staff and market image?

Chars Commercial Cleaning offers what other boutique cleaning services don’t – A Dedicated Customer Services Manager who coordinates all your needs with our owner and our cleaning staff. In consultation with you, our Dedicated Customer Service Manager builds cleaning procedures that reflect your needs, ensures our cleaners are fully trained in these procedures, conducts regular audits, ensures your standards are met, and prepares written reports. Having a Dedicated Customer Services Manager means each job is completed on time and to your standard every time.

Our Dedicated Customer Services Manager is your single point of contact to coordinate cleaners for regular cleaning, emergency call-outs, periodical services, non-routine cleaning and additional services.


250,000 cleans




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A clean that measures up.

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