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A once a year spring clean is the only way to get your home really clean. A CHARS’ spring clean thoroughly cleans all of the items listed below. After a super application of elbow grease and green cleaning agents, we dust, polish, vacuum, and mop hard surfaces.

Of course, you may choose to adjust our standard spring clean to meet your needs and budget.

Our Spring Clean includes:

Remove cobwebs
Clean walls
Clean window panes,     frames, & sills
Clean doors, sills, &     frames
Clean exterior of      cupboards & pantry
Clean cupboard interiors
Clean pantry interior
Clean bench tops
Clean all bench top
Clean skirting boards
Clean light shades &      fittings
Clean oven hood
Clean oven interior
Defrost fridge & clean      interior
Clean the stove top
Clean top of refrigerator
Clean inside of microwave
Clean dishwasher      exterior, interior & filters
Clean light switches &      power points
Clean sinks & polish      chrome work
Clean skirting boards
Vacuum floors
Mop floors


 Remove cobwebs
Vacuum hair & dust
Clean & disinfect shower      screens,      recess, base
Clean & disinfect soap      holders
Clean & disinfect tiles
Clean & de-mould grouting
Clean & disinfect bath,      sink & vanity area
Clean & disinfect mirrors
Clean & disinfect toilet      bowls, seat, pedestal,      cisterns, & rear of toilet
Clean & disinfect doors,      sills, & frames
Clean & disinfect walls
Clean & disinfect      windows, frames, & sills
Clean & disinfect power      points, light switches
Clean & disinfect light      fittings & shades
Clean & disinfect      cupboard exteriors
Clean & disinfect      cupboard        interiors
Polish all surfaces, sinks,      baths, mirrors, shower      screens, chrome fittings      & toilet
Clean skirting boards
Disinfect & mop floor

 Remove cobwebs
Clean walls
Clean window panes &      frames
Clean blinds
Clean doors, sills, &      frames,
Clean skirting boards
Clean light fittings &      shades
Clean ceiling fans
Clean air conditioning      filters
Clean power points & light      switches
Clean cupboard exteriors      & mirrors
Clean cupboard interiors
Dust room’s contents
Vacuum floor
Mop hard surfaces

 Clean balcony windows
Sweep balcony floors
Clean balcony banisters      and walls
Clear away balcony      garbage


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