Cheap Cleaners Cost Far Too Much!

If your organisation is using cheap cleaners, you are paying far too much. Please read the following and assess YOUR RISKS.

Show Me Your Insurance

Accidents do happen in the cleaning business. You need to make sure that your cleaner’s have adequate public liability insurance. Ask to see their Certificate of Currency.
Chars is happy to show you ours.

Insist On Accountability

Even more important than insurance is accountability. Reach prior agreement with your cleaners as to the scope of the clean. Specifically, reach a clear understanding as to the tasks the cleaners will perform, the frequency of the tasks, and a standard to which the quality of the clean will be measured. In addition, insist upon a commitment to fix any problems, within a defined time frame. Hold your cleaners accountable for their commitments. There should be no excuses for any breach of what they have agreed.
Chars understands the importance of a good and flexible working relationship based upon accountability. Chars begins by discussing with YOU, what YOUR cleaning needs are. We will then provide a customised written account of the job scope based upon our discussion. This written account will detail tasks, frequency, and agreed standards. It will also become the basis for your dedicated cleaner’s checklist.
Chars will also provide you with a communication book, so you have direct contact with your dedicated cleaners.

Demand Responsibility - Sorry Is Not enough

Accountability is only part of the process. Your cleaners need to take responsibility for their actions. Simply saying sorry for negligence is not good enough. Mistakes need to be rectified. Your cleaners need to have the resources to fix arising issues. And you need to have confidence that they won’t simply walk away from your job when you hold them responsible for their actions. The cost of cheap ‘fly by night’ cleaning operations is too high for your business to burden.
Chars guarantees to rectify any cleaning issues within 24hrs. Chars has no ‘firewalls’ preventing you getting through to a problem solver. You will always have immediate access to myself, the owner. You will not waste time and money trying to rectify problems that should never have occurred.
Chars takes responsibility for its service.

Observe Your Cleaners’ Procedures

Insurance, accountability, and responsibility must be backed up with well thought out cleaning procedures. Ask to see your cleaners’ procedures, especially their non-cross contamination procedures, and security procedures.
Chars is happy to explain all of our cleaning procedures, and if necessary to adjust them to your specific needs.

Avoid Disease - Non-cross Contamination Procedures

To ensure hygiene is maintained, cleaners must have procedures that separate equipment used in bathrooms and toilets from equipment to be used in kitchens and general areas. This includes all cleaning cloths, scourers, brushes, mops, gloves, and buckets. In addition, fresh cloths should be used for each client.

Cleaning sequence procedures also need to be in place, especially for medical centres. Hygiene sensitive areas need to be cleaned prior to other areas.

Don’t assume your cheap cleaner has these procedures in place. Cleaning with proper non-contamination procedures is time consuming and requires training and enforcement, none of which cheap cleaners have access.

If you are using a cheap cleaner, they are unlikely to have proper non-contamination procedures. If you value your health, and the health of your fellow workers, ensure your cleaners are not spreading disease.  Ask them directly about their procedures, and get them to demonstrate their procedures. Watch what they do, and observe their equipment.

Chars is happy to explain and demonstrate our non-cross contamination procedures.

Secure Your Premises – Who Is Really Cleaning Your Facility?

Vetting personnel who clean your facilities and who have access to sensitive computers, documents, and intellectual property is essential for your peace of mind. As is knowing that your keys, security passes, and alarm codes are NOT being circulated amongst unknown people. Many cleaning companies care little about who does the clean as long as long as it is done to a rough standard. Often keys and security codes are passed between friends and relatives of the ‘officially’ employed cleaner. Not only are these strangers untrained, but they are major security risks who may well be invalidating your insurance (and the cleaning company’s insurance – if they have any).

has strict procedures in place to ensure the trustworthiness of all our employees. We also have procedures in place to ensure that only Chars’ employees and authorised personnel clean your facilities. And once the facilities are clean, we have procedures to ensure your premises are properly secured.
All of Chars procedures are enforced through regular spot audits.

Get What You Pay For - Cleaner’s Training

Having written procedures is of little benefit unless cleaners are properly trained to implement them. Training costs time and money and requires discipline. If you have a cheap cleaner, it is unlikely they have had any training, or are skilled, in effective cleaning, non-contamination procedures, or security procedures.
Chars values good employees and invests considerable time and resources ensuring they understand the scope of the job, are skilled with proper cleaning procedures, have available resources to complete the job, and that they know the consequences of not abiding by their generous terms of employment.

Reap Your Own Karma - Worker’s Conditions

No stick is bigger enough to force cleaners into performing their tasks efficiently and responsibly. Cleaners, like all people, need to be motivated with positive incentives.
Cleaners deserve to be adequately rewarded for their efforts, to be fully insured, and to be treated as dignified individuals. And from their side, cleaners should contribute just amounts to the taxation system.
If you are using cheap cleaners, on a cash basis, not only are they not paying tax, but their overall conditions are likely to be unacceptable. They will face threatening employers, who treat them with little respect; they will receive poor wages; and they will be entirely unmotivated to perform their work to your standard. Can your organisation afford to be associated with these kinds of practises?
Chars believes in establishing a win / win relationship with its employees. All our cleaners are trained properly. They understand the required results, they are given clear guidelines as to how to achieve those results, they are given adequate resources to achieve the results, they are held accountable for their work, and they understand the consequences for both excellence and failure.


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